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We as the leader in providing total coffee solutions to Sri-Lanka always understands the social responsibilities we have to take care of as well. With the introduction of the Nespresso capsules to the market we quickly realized that these are heavy polluters to the environment. 

So we decided to try something new. We decided to start our own nursery of plants from the returned capsules. The project is still very young but we are optimistic. And for the customer too, while being socially responsible, they will get a discount on their next purchase as well. 

Be responsible coz with “U” we can be more sUstainable

Situated in Kirula Rd, BBQ station is the perfect place to fulfill all your dining needs. And if you are a fan of meat, oh boy! This place would blow your mind. It’s the perfect spot with perfect ambience and of course the perfect food.

With it’s bottle covered ceilings, and a wonderful seating arrangement, BBQ station is the place for all your parties and hangouts.

BBQ station serves Toscana Ceylon, a 100% Ceylon Coffee and uses a La Cimbali M23 UP machine. One of the top machines a cafe can have and a perfectly soothing cup of coffee to fill your taste buds, BBQ station will give you a wonderful experience on the coffee as well.

At the Bakery at the lake now you have the opportunity to indulge in a great tasting cup of coffee while enjoying the cool breeze of the lake.

With the location being a busy hub for many, including a lot of people who comes for an evening walk, Bakery at the lake provides a wonderful opportunity to either for a quick energy fix of a espresso or for a calming cappuccino among many other beverages.

The Colombo Coffee Company is the flag carrier for lavazza coffee and the only experienced coffee solutions provider in Sri Lanka. Leading the market for more than a decade in the coffee business CCC offers coffee machines, coffee beans, coffee machine accessories, coffee machine cleaning supplies and barista training. CCC is also the agent for renowned brands Lavazza, La Cimbali, Nuova Simoneli, Gaggia, WMF, Bunn, Fetco and the latest addition home-grown Toscana Ceylon.

With over 300 customers locally, the Colombo Coffee Company has equipped and trained baristas at top restaurants, hotels, cafes, coffee houses and lounges, meeting rooms, embassies, banquets and offices across Sri Lanka. The Company has also opened its latest coffee lounge at the Gall Fort.

CCC’s vision is not only to bring the best coffee to the table but also to build livelihoods and encourage local coffee farmers to enhance their production.

The latest supermarket chain to hit Colombo and the suburbs is the Dutch-origin SPAR who recently opened their second outlet in the bustling suburb of Kalubowila. Riding on the success of their first outlet in Thalawathugoda SPAR is expanding its presence in many different way offering customers an unique shopping experience. Adding to this, a Lavazza Café was opened at the SPAR Kalubowila for shoppers to grab a quick-fix coffee or a bite to eat while doing their weekly rounds. Colombo Coffee Company not only trained the staff that now run the café but also supplied them with the branding, and of course the coffee that is used in a range of hot and cold beverages. The café also serves as a great place to get light snacks on the way to work or after work on the way home, or even at lunch time.

In an effort to develop an evolving coffee industry in Sri Lanka, Colombo Coffee Company as the total coffee solutions provider in the nation recently launched a unique training programme for aspiring baristas. Trained by internationally acclaimed coffee experts, the training prorammes span basic, intermediate and advanced level courses. Special courses for latte art are also available for those who wish to add a touch of class to their skills. The courses will cover areas such as the history and journey of coffee, the basics of brewing the perfect espresso, milk frothing and steaming techniques, and introduction to basic coffee recipes and an introduction to coffee grinders and machines. As the courses advance the level of difficulty and number of areas increase with the advanced level covering as much as 28 different subjects.

The Colombo Coffee Company (CCC) proudly announces its entry in to the historic UNESCO heritage Galle Fort. The CCC showroom within the Fort ramparts was opened recently and stocks total coffee solutions for hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, offices and even home use in the Galle area. This is CCC’s first outstation outlet after the successful opening of the Colombo outlet at Ward Place. The outlet will stock world-renowned coffee machines, and coffee beans and blends from around the world, and our own Toscana Ceylon brand. It will also function as an information center for coffee enthusiasts and hopes to draw in local and international visitors.

Everyone remembers how Popeye the Sailor always needed spinach to power up his muscles, and Superman gets his energy from the electromagnetic radiation of the sun right? In fact most super heroes have some substance that they draw their power from. But saving the world ain’t an easy task and for our caped crusaders and the masked vigilantes, a quick boost of energy is a must. The same goes for the loyal fans of the geek-verse! This is why Colombo Coffee Company is proud to provide Sri Lanka’s very first geek-themed restaurant with their own specialized coffee machine and specially-brewed and powered-up coffee. So don’t be surprised if the next time you head down to Geek HQ, you find Batman and Superman discussing the troubles of the world over a hot cuppa while, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman catch up on a long overdue tête-à-tête.