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WMF Espresso

Insert the portafilter, press the button and out pours a perfect espresso. Remove the portafilter and you are all done. Handmade! Automatically!

The WMF espresso detects the portafilter automatically controls the brewing time, signals when the grinding degree needs readjusting, grinds the coffee and tamps automatically with 100% consistency.

This system guarantees consistently high quality espresso allowing everybody to be a barista!


The Espresso features

Brewing time monitoring & software assisted grind adjustment.
2 *milk foam preparation methods fully-automatic or traditional.
A new level of control via Touch Display.
Steam Jet for centralized pre-heating of cups.
An air-cooled bean hopper per group head.
Heatable cup storage with soft closure.





Nominal power rating 7.0 kW / 415V
Max. hourly espresso output** Up to 300 cups
Coffee bean hopper(s) Approx 550 g Ea
Mains power connection 230V / 3ph / 20amps
Dimensions (width / height / depth) 723 / 580 / 540-600 mm
Empty weight, depending on fittings Approx. 76 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)*** < 70 dB (A)
Continuous Water Connection 3/8″ with tap
Waste Connection Point Within 1m


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